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Custom Office Building (Design Competition), Xiamen, Peopleās Republic of China

One Lincoln Street Office Building (Design), Boston, Massachusetts (42-stories)


45 Province Street (Design), Boston, Massachusetts

90 Mount Auburn Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts

237 Lexington Street, Woburn, Massachusetts

350 Massachusetts Avenue Building, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Athenaeum House Renovation, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Central Artery D015A Ventilation/Commercial Building No. 4, Boston's Haymarket Area, Massachusetts

Hastings-Tapley Addition, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Kemper Insurance Building, Quincy, Massachusetts

MWRA Building, Parcel 18, Boston, Massachusetts

Parker River Headquarters, Newburyport, Massachusetts

Registry of Motor Vehicles Building, Boston, Massachusetts

TEDA New Administrative Center, Tianjin Economic Development Area, Tianjin, Peoples Republic of China


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