Pulichino Tong Business Center
Pulichino Tong Business Center
On the Lowell North Campus at University of Masschusetts, the new 4 story, 54,000 GSF building is attached to the Lydon Library, which received rennovations.

  • Completion date: 2017
  • Construction cost: 45 million USD
  • Architect: Cambridge Seven Associates
UMASS Integrative Learning Center
Located on the Amherst campus in western Massachusetts, the Integrative learning Center is a new steel-framed building. Within 173,000 GSF are 15 high-tech classrooms, and a 350 seat auditorium.

  • Completion date: 2014
  • Construction cost: 95 million USD
  • Architect: Stantec
UMass Lowell Health and Social Sciences building
Umass Lowell Health and Social Sciences building
The new building comprises 65,000 GSF, housing UML's Nursing, Psychology and Criminal Justice Departments.

  • Completion date: 2013
  • Construction cost: 40 million USD
  • Architect: Cambridge Seven Associates, Inc.
UConn Social Sciences and Classroom Buildings
The 2-building project consists of Laurel Hall, and Oak Hall, situated diagonally across.

Laurel Hall, or the classroom building, as it is simply known, contains 2 auditoriums in the southern section with the sloped greenroof, and 4 large classrooms in the north section, totaling 68,000 GSF.

  • Completion date: 2011
  • Construction cost: 42 million USD
  • Architect: Leers Weinzapfel Associates
MacLean Engineering Sciences Center
MacLean Engineering Sciences Center
At Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH, the MacLean Center is a new 64,000 GSF, 4 story addition to Cummings and Thayer Halls, at the Thayer School for Engineering..

  • Completion date: 2006
  • Construction cost: 17 million USD
  • Architect: Koetter Kim & Associates
UMass Integrated Sciences Building
The 188,000 S.F. Integrated Sciences Building (ISB) is located on the Amherst campus. The ISB contains a 300-seat auditorium, 80-seat amphitheatre classroom, computer resource center, and faculty offices.

  • Completion date: 2009
  • Construction cost: 114 million USD
  • Architect: Payette Associates, Inc.